Summer Transfer Window in CS2: The Most Anticipated Changes

CS2 summer transfer window

The summer break has begun! No tournaments, just news about vacations, disbandments, and CS2 transfer skins. Most teams don't need replacements, but a few rosters are almost certainly going to continue the season with changes.

MalbsMd and Perfecto to G2

Changes in G2 have already started. Nexa is on the bench, and Hooxi's position is unstable after his poor performance at BLAST Premier Spring Final (22 kills against Spirit and 20 against Vitality). According to unconfirmed reports, Guatemalan player MalbsMd is set to replace Nexa, while finding a replacement for the Danish player is more challenging. However, many analysts are in favor of his departure.

One option is to take a risk, make Niko the captain, and bring in a strong rifler. Perfecto, currently benched by Cloud9, is a perfect fit. On many maps, Ilya's roles overlap with Hooxi's positions, so he would quickly integrate into the team. Even in the troubled Cloud9, he had a rating of 1.07, making G2 an ideal opportunity for him to return to the top. Niko's prime might be behind him, and now is the time to become a captain. IEM Dallas showed that Kovac knows how to call.

m0NESY is at his peak, but still not the best in the world

Chad "Spunj" Burchill shares another rumor: G2 is looking for a new IGL and caller. Strengthening the team will be more difficult as there are no available options at the tier-1 level. A great move would be to acquire Gla1ve, who fits G2 perfectly: he's a star, a top captain, and has had an unsuccessful six months with ENCE. He has mentioned that he wanted to join a star roster and did not expect such reshuffles. It seems that this CS2 transfer would suit everyone.

Kscerato to Liquid

In a few weeks, the five-year contract of Kscerato with Furia, once a record in length, will expire. During this time, the team won one LAN tournament, while Kaike made it into the top 20 four times by the end of the season. It seems it's time for him to move on to achieve more victories, and the best option is Liquid. The clubs can organize a simple exchange involving Skullz.

With a rating of 1.20 for 2024, Kscerato is the perfect star player for Liquid. Currently, the club has a decent captain, Cadian, and solid players Twistzz and NAF, but Skullz is clearly lagging. Furia wants to take him, and Liquid was interested in Kscerato last fall but was turned down by the player. Soon Kaike will become a free agent, and there is no news about extending his contract. This is a great chance to step out of the comfort zone and try to catch up in an international team.

New Cloud9 Roster

Cloud9 has been the main generator of rumors in recent months. It seems the club has finally found a third player – HeavyGod. According to insiders, OG is already looking for his replacement.

There are few rumors about the two vacant spots, but it is known that a week ago Boombl4 and Ax1le played many matches on Faceit together with HeavyGod and Khan, a 20-year-old sniper from Nemiga with a rating of 1.12. The party also included 19-year-old 4xis with a rating of 1.04 and ICY from "Amkal" (1.16).

Cloud9 Misses the Major.The team doesn't have a roster to earn points in the Valve ranking.

Over the summer break, Cloud9 CS2 must assemble the final roster, or else they will fall out of the race for the major.

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