Earn Crystals and Unlock Reward CS2 Cases on Farmskins


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Get ready to level up with Farmskins' new Crystals currency! Now, every case you open and every level you achieve brings you closer to earning Crystals. Dive into the exciting world of Farmskins where you can maximize your rewards, level up, and unlock free CS2 cases using Crystals. Discover how this new currency can transform your gaming experience and bring you closer to the skins and rewards you crave.


Farmskins has introduced an innovative Crystals currency, offering users a fresh way to earn rewards and free cases. With this new system, players can accumulate Crystals by engaging in various activities on the platform, and use them to unlock Reward Cases filled with exciting CS2 skins. This initiative not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides a rewarding pathway for dedicated users.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are a newly introduced currency on Farmskins that can be earned by players as they participate in different activities on the site. Whether you're leveling up, opening CS2 cases, or completing specific tasks, every action brings you closer to accumulating more Crystals. These Crystals can then be exchanged for Reward Cases, offering you a chance to unlock valuable CS2 skins for free.

Earning Crystals

The process of earning Crystals on Farmskins is straightforward and engaging. Here’s how you can start collecting Crystals:

  1. Opening Cases: Each time you open a case on Farmskins, you earn experience points (XP). As you accumulate XP, you level up, and with each level, you earn Crystals.

  2. Leveling Up: The more you play, the more XP you gather. Every level you achieve not only signifies your progress but also rewards you with Crystals.

  3. Completing Tasks: Farmskins frequently offers tasks and challenges that you can complete to earn additional Crystals. These tasks can vary, providing a dynamic way to keep the gameplay exciting and rewarding.

By integrating these activities into your regular Farmskins routine, you can steadily accumulate Crystals, bringing you closer to unlocking those coveted Reward Cases.

Using Crystals

Once you've gathered enough Crystals, it's time to reap the benefits. Crystals can be used to open Reward Cases, which are special free cases filled with CS2 skins. Here’s how you can utilize your Crystals:

  1. Visit the Reward Section: Head over to the Reward Section on Farmskins to see the available Reward Cases.

  2. Select Your Case: Choose from the assortment of Reward Cases that can be opened using your Crystals.

  3. Open and Enjoy: Use your Crystals to open the selected case and discover the skins inside.

This system allows you to enjoy the thrill of opening cases without spending additional money, as your Crystals are earned through gameplay and participation.

Benefits of the System

The introduction of Crystals on Farmskins offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall user experience:

  1. Maximized Rewards: By earning Crystals through regular activities, players can enjoy more rewards without extra expenditure.

  2. Increased Engagement: The opportunity to earn and use Crystals incentivizes players to engage more with the platform, complete tasks, and level up.

  3. Exciting Gameplay: The anticipation of earning Crystals and using them to open Reward Cases adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

  4. Potential for Valuable Skins: Each Reward Case offers the chance to unlock rare and valuable CS2 skins, making the effort to earn Crystals worthwhile.

Dive into the Reward Cases with Farmskins

The new Reward Cases require no investment; you open them completely free using the new in-game currency - Crystals. However, the skins in these CS2 free cases will certainly leave you impressed.

★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened from Frost Frenzy Case

Price: $302

A classic from the Counter-Strike series. The blade made of compressed stellite is perfectly held by titanium sides and back, and the handle made of fossilized mammoth bone is enveloped in a carbon fiber sheath. Hardened using charcoal at high temperatures. A touch of color never hurts.

★ Bayonet | Autotronic from Prism Pulse Case

Price: $545

Its design has remained fundamentally unchanged since World War II, but the bayonet is still in use in modern armies. Its utility was appreciated during the Second Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan. The body is anodized in red, and the ring is made of lightweight steel.

★ Flip Knife | Fade from Glimmer Case

Price: $740

Sporty folding knives of Persian style with arrow-shaped blades and very sharp edges. While the blade may be fragile, the folding knife itself is surprisingly durable. The body is coated with a chrome base, which is spray-painted in translucent, smoothly transitioning colors.

AWP | Desert Hydra from Shard Storm Case

Price: $2060

The notorious AWP sniper rifle is a very dangerous and highly effective weapon, easily recognizable by its distinctive firing sound and the brutal rule: "one shot, one kill." Golden snakes crawl along the barrel of this rifle. The scope, barrel, and rear of the stock are painted white.

★ Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler from Gem Glow Case

Price: $2800

A specially designed balisong, widely known as a butterfly knife. The main feature of this weapon is the lightning-fast deployment into combat condition with a flick of the wrist, revealing the loosely attached blade. As a result, butterfly knives are banned in many countries. Painted with black and silver metallic paint to mimic marble, and then a gradient is applied.


In summary, the new Crystals currency on Farmskins provides a fun and rewarding way for players to enhance their gameplay experience. By engaging with the platform, leveling up, and completing tasks, users can accumulate Crystals and use them to open Reward Cases, unlocking valuable CS2 skins in the process. Start earning Crystals today and discover the exciting rewards that await you on Farmskins!

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