CSGORoll - WebAPI Trading Extension


In our continuous effort to provide you with the best trading solutions, we're excited to introduce our new browser extension for trades!

Our extension will assist you with the WebAPI token, making your trades more efficient and seamless.

Our trading extension is designed to automate the process of updating your Steam WebAPI Token. It simplifies the process by automatically collecting the token from your Steam profile, eliminating the need for manual updates. It even detects any changes or expirations to Steam’s API, to provide safe, uninterrupted trading sessions.

Our Chrome extension transmits your WebAPI token to our servers using a secure communication protocol. It operates in the background while you trade on CSGORoll, and doesn't alter your browser in any other way. Importantly, it ensures the safety of your information.

We've developed this browser extension as a solution to changes to Steam's API. It does require some extra steps from you, but it will ensure that you can continue to trade without disruption.

Our extension is only valid for desktop browsers on any Chromium-based engine browser. Additionally, you must be logged into your Steam account through the browser for it to work.

Moving forward, we’re working on developing this extension for more browsers, including Firefox.

If you'd prefer, you can continue to use the manual option available at WebAPI P2P SOLUTION - CSGORoll whenever you need to activate the token for joining a trade or listing a skin.

Extension: https://csgoroll.com/extension

Please note, this is the only extension provided by CSGORoll. Make sure to install it directly from the link we share or by accessing it through our website only!

Our extension is a simplified method for activating and collecting your Steam WebAPI Token. It's safe, efficient and easy to use .

Got any questions? Email us via support@csgoroll.com.

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